Wednesday, 3 June 2015

1 April 2015

merit  evidence: can do, librarian

Today I had librarian, it was a lot of fun because I was super busy because I was on with Olivia but she quit and joined the book club so I was by myself on the desk. But the library was a bit quiet so  I go through everything I needed to do.  I showed leadership by not going off task and keeping positive that I was doing my job right.

31 march 2015

merit evidence: can do , peer mediation

Today I had peer mediation on but this week it was with different two boys and they showed up on time for once. so went on our duty and this week there was heaps of people came to us with problems but since we are in the junior school it was all not too big problems and they all got sorted out. It was a busy week but all the problems got sorted out in the end.  It felt good to help with their problems.

My Discovery

For my discovery Sarah, Skylar an I are making Dream Catchers it is lots of fun especially designing them!

6 may 2015

Merit evidence: must do, patisapate in school advents

Today we had cross country it was at the halswell domain, I found it very hard but I kept going and made it to the end. When we arrived Mr Forman sat us down and talk to us about the rest of the day. Then the house captains led us through some games it was lots of fun. I showed leadership by cheering for everyone one and showing a positive attitude towards the cross country.

4 June 2015

Merit Evidence: Librarian

Today I was on librarian duty and over the last few weeks I have been remembering which week I have been on for duty. I was on this week and I think I did a great job as I carried out my duties. First I filed books and then I moved onto the front desk and helped little kids get some books out and I found some worm books for Mrs Hall and I also returned and reserved books for lots of different people. Overall I think i did a pretty good job and it was lots of fun.