Friday, 26 September 2014

my writing

W.A.L.T: write a story with a modern day morel.     


It was a warm summer's day on a little farm in the middle of nowhere.


The noise came from inside the little house on the farm.It was mummy pig but most animals called her Miss Daisy.She was yelling to her piglets Bill and his younger brother Pork chop to come inside.

"I made your favourite breakfast pancakes!".

"Nah i'd rather just play outside".

Miss Daisy sighed.

"I wish Billy and Pork Chop would come inside more often i miss seeing them".

Just as Miss Daisy had finished talking, Frank walked in. frank was Pork Chops best friend because he was a skunk and he stunk!. But Pork Chop didn't mind and that is why Frank and Pork Chop were best friends.

Frank said to miss Daisy "there is this new game out called pass the pigs I think they would  love that, i am sure you can play that with them".

"You know frank that is the smartest thing you have ever said I think I might just do that".

The next morning Miss Daisy got dressed in her best clothes and went down to the toy mall.

When she got to the toy mall she went and got the game pass the pigs.

When she got home Billy, Frank, and Pork Chop were on the couch.

"They asked what do you have for us".

Miss Daisy replied after a moment of silence.

"It's the, wait how do you know."

"Frank told us you had something for us but he won't tell us what so can you pretty please tell us".

"Fine but it was going to be a surprise FRANK! Its a game called pass the pigs it's the coolest game out. I think you will love it."

A short while after Miss Daisy, Frank, Billy ,and Pork chop were playing pass the Pass The Pigs, everyone liked  the game but Billy he loved it. For days even weeks after he was still playing Pass The Pigs.

That night on the phone it was the school they said Billy's grades had slipped and they think it is because the game pass the pigs.

That night Miss Daisy talked to Billy. That night no one new what she said to, but ever since he does 1 hour of home work, 1 game of Pass The Pigs and he spends the rest out side with Frank, And Pork Chop and Miss Daisy doesn't want it any other way.


The solo level I have reached for surface features is multistructural because I haven't used a wide range.

The solo level I have reached for my narrative is multistructural because I haven't used detail.

My next step is: to be fast but add lots of detail.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Over the past few weeks I have shown leadership by...

Every week I have done peer mediation I have shown leadership by being on time and doing my job with respect.
Also I have signed up to pals tomorrow is my first day I am with Olivia, we will have lots of fun.


I have been going to band I have learnt lots of new songs like "Give me a Reason" and more I have shown leadership by being respectful to everyone in my band.

I also did librarian where I showed leadership by helping all kids that need help with reading, finding books and getting books out but I do it with a positive attitude.

The school choir that I am a member of had a performance and I think I did well and show respect because I didn't talk during the songs.

Friday, 19 September 2014

My writing

W.A.L.T: write a agreement with detail.


People say family is the most important thing in the world. Well then why do we spend more time at school with people that we may not know, like or that aren't even related to use at all.

I know how we can solve this! You see if you finish school at  2:00 pm then we have 1:00 more hour to do homework then we have time for our family.But if we don't this is what most people do after school is, get home, eat afternoon tea, do our homework, watch our favourite TV shows and then go to  to bed. So no time for family.

Also fitness is dropping all over the world and kids are getting over weight. I think this is because school is so long, by the end of the day kids are too tired for some fitness. Plus eat around 2:00 pm lots of kids are itching to go outside so they don't focus on there learning.

So that means no one wins because teachers have to teach us it again and us kids have basically just sat around doing nothing. Also by 3:00 pm kids have sat around so much that they are too last to go outside any more.

This is how I think school should go: In the first block 1 topic and fitness, in the second block 1 new topic and in the last block fitness to 2:00 pm then go home to do homework and play with our family.
 If you didn't know the reason you only have 2 topics a day is because, if you have like 20 different  things you won't remember any thing but if you learn 2-3 topics you can remember more.

Overall, I think a school day should be  shorter  because kids are getting over weight and hardly ever see their family and school is one of the problems.

The solo level I have reached for surface features is Multistructural because I didn't really know what they did.

The solo level I have reached is relational because I haven't proven a lot of facts.      

My next step is: to have more facts and prove where I found the facts.

Monday, 8 September 2014


W.AL.T:Devise a strategy to solve a whole number problem.


Joan's needs to earn $180. He has $60 in the bank and he has a paper delivery job earning $10 per hour. For how many hours does he need to deliver papers before he raises the money he needs?

Answer: 60+10n=180

N= hours 

How did I work it out:

So 60 + 10 = 70 but if you x 10 by something and then plus the 60 it = 180

All you have to do is make the word problem in to a number problem.

And that makes it easy to find the answer. 

My next step is to be a lot faster and more confident to do and say my answer.