Friday, 4 July 2014

My learning

My reading goal is to: find select and retrieve information.

I think I am doing well because for my comprehension I use my goal. Also I think I am doing well because I got it right in my test so that is why I think I am doing well.

My next step is to: test my self to be faster.

My writing goal is to:write an explanation.

I think I  am doing good because I finished my explanation.

My next step is to work on these words:

Because I got them wrong in my explanation.

My maths goal is to: convert mm, cm, m, km.

This is how you do it:

All you have to know is how many of each are in each of the.

10 mm in a 1 cm
100 cm in a 1 m
1000 m in a 1 km

If you go down you move decimal point back the amount of zeroes. If you go up you move decimal point forward the amount of zeroes if the is a gap u add one zero for each gap.

My next step is to: do it in 3 seconds so on the spot.


Thursday, 3 July 2014

My explanation

Ergobaby is just one company that has been effected by someone braking the consumers guarantees act. The consumers guarantees at is a set of rules. So consumers and retailers don't get ripped of when they make a purchase. I will explain one time when someone has broken the consumers guarantees act and the effects it has on the business and the consumer.

There is a company that sells fake Ergobaby carries. That aren't that that good compared to the real Ergobaby. I can prove it one of the rules in the consumers guarantees act is that goods must be of an acceptable quality. But the fake Ergobaby is not  of an acceptable quality because when the buckle has a bit of weight on it, it opens the effects could be the baby could fall out get hurt or even die.

Here is a anther example of them braking them braking the consumers guarantees act. the rule that they broke was that it wasn't fit for purpose because it didn't do what it was meant to do. It didn't fit the purpose because it was meant to carry the baby safely but it didn't. An effect for the  business  that sell the real Ergobaby, they won't have as much customers because the false Ergobaby has made customers lose their trust. so they won't buy them any more.

One of the rules of the consumers guarantees act is that retailers can't lie to consumers and that is basically the opposite of what the fake Ergobaby company did, they  lied and said they are the real Ergobaby, also they said it would carry your baby and it doesn 't there for they lied to everyone. So  the consequence for the real Ergobaby is that it will have a bad name and it is all because some people are not following the consumers guarantees act.

Here is another example of the fake Ergobaby braking the consumers guarantees act. The rule they broke was goods must be safe to use, but the baby carrier was not safe to use because the buckle could not hold the baby witch is not safe. So it is very and it is not a good look for the real Ergobaby. Plus the baby could get badly injured.

The fake Ergobaby has basically broken all of the consumers guarantees act rules. Witch is not very funny for thr real Ergobaby and for the mum and the dad of the baby that went into the carrier and fell out.