Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Magnificent bird

W.A.L.T: be specific on one idear .

Finally, I arrived at the parrot place. But to get there it was a half hour drive it was so boring by the time I got there I was starting to get sick of my own breath.

When I got out I started to think I was in the middle of know where. I thought it was a wast of my holiday when I could be eating Easter eggs in the motel. Then I saw a little building I walked in it looked like a pet shop with out ant pets. My dad went up and payed the lady opened the gate.

Mum said we were going, but she didn't say when so I had been waiting for this moment all holidays.

I walked in, it looked like an Avery with birds flying everywhere with some birds in cages but not many. The time went flying by. At this point there was heaps of people.

soon the bird lady came in. She asked if any one wanted to hold a parrot, i put my hand up, the next minute she came back with a lovely small parrot, ti was one of the small parrots. so it didn't bite or claw it was a beautiful parrot; soon the bird had fallen asleep on my arm, I loved that bird so much it was the cutest parrot I had ever seen. But as time moved on I had to move on, I put the parrot back on the rope and moved on. 

I walked down to all of the parrots that were in all cake is really fatning the cages. My favourite parrot was called a rainbow parrot it was an amazing parrot. It looked like it had just flown through a rainbow. I looked at that parrot for ages, but I soon had to move on, I walked down to where I held the blue parrot.

When I got down there the bird lady asked me to put my hand out . So I did but I did it very shakey 
I was so scared when she said that because I didn't know what she was going to do to me? 

I soon realised that she was getting a big parrot for me to hold. The nerves had just kicked in as soon as I thought of it. But as soon as I started to think about it, the lady put the parrot on my arm it didn't hurt to much. Then I finally got the lady to take it of my arm.  

Soon I had to leave I was sad to go. I wanted to keep that blue parrot it was so sad, but at the same time I was happy to go to the beach.

                                                                    THE END

My next step is to finish a bit faster.

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