Friday, 4 July 2014

My learning

My reading goal is to: find select and retrieve information.

I think I am doing well because for my comprehension I use my goal. Also I think I am doing well because I got it right in my test so that is why I think I am doing well.

My next step is to: test my self to be faster.

My writing goal is to:write an explanation.

I think I  am doing good because I finished my explanation.

My next step is to work on these words:

Because I got them wrong in my explanation.

My maths goal is to: convert mm, cm, m, km.

This is how you do it:

All you have to know is how many of each are in each of the.

10 mm in a 1 cm
100 cm in a 1 m
1000 m in a 1 km

If you go down you move decimal point back the amount of zeroes. If you go up you move decimal point forward the amount of zeroes if the is a gap u add one zero for each gap.

My next step is to: do it in 3 seconds so on the spot.


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